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R/C Car Modification

Ok, to start of with, I really wouldn't consider this being a project, cause I didnt really build anything from scratch, other than the electronic parts I put on the car itself and it only took a little over an hour to complete. But, oh well, I dont feel like adding another category.

Anyways, I bought this car for 18 dollars at Wally World, and I got the crazy idea to install LED's in the car. So I first had to drill out the holes. I drilled 2 holes where the brake lights where and 2 holes for the headlights. Then 2 more on the hood for the light switch and a blinking green led so i can see it from above in the dark.

While this was going on, i drilled four more holes on the bottom chassis to add under body LED's to simulate underbody neons. So with that all hooked up, I wired up everything and ran it into a 9v transformer battery that is glued to the body. Put the body back onn and walla, one pimp'in R/C Car Modification.

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TailLights With Installed LED's.

Under Body LED's

Wired Up Under Body

Wiring Up Hood

Finished Top LED and Switch

Action Shot UnderBody

HeadLight LED's

TailLight Shot 2

Top Shot 2
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