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My 84' Honda VFR Interceptor

This bike was rebuilt by my dad after the previous owner had laid it down. The paint job was also by my dad. If u have ever seen this bike up close, you can tell my dad took alot of time in the painting of this bike, and it definantly looks awesome.

Surfing the Streets (Poem BY: Virginia M Purchon.)

Skiing through the traffic
On my shining motorbike
Lights stop
Quick Hop
Off with the green.
Watch the row
There slow
Island moguls
On the piste.
Here a rut
There a cut
Through to the front.
Down the line
Keep it fine
Ending up first
At the red.

Bending with the slope
On a fine-tuned edge,
Narrow gap,
Spring sap
Reactions flow.
Keep me young
Well sprung
Eyes right and left.
Smooth and smart
Happy heart
Get to work
Full of zest.
Easy park,
Light or dark,
Skiing down the road
Is best.

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