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Project: Ultrasonic Eyes

This was a project thought up basically due to the need of finding a parking space around town with a truck. As many people know that drive trucks, they are very hard to park in tight parking spaces, and most trucks stick out a little in parking spaces. So I had come up with an ingenious idea. How about some sort of distance measuring device for the front-end, so I or whoever is driving the truck, knows how far to pull into the space. I found a working kit that was gonna be thrown into the trash at college, and decided to take it home to repair it. Took me about an hour to find the problem, the battery solder pad's had lifted and were not touching the etching at all.

Once that was out of the way I decided to find a place to install the transducers, So i drilled two holes for the transducers to on the top/right side of the front license plate:

Next, I had to extend the wiring (no picture for this), to run up the radiator into the box, where the main board was installed. This is the picture of the wiring going through the radiator, you may be able to make out the extra wire attachment, going into the extension.

Next, I routed the wires into a temporary storage box, at the same time I found a ground screw and tapped into that for (-) power.

Next, I decided to find a positive power source. After and little probing with the multimeter wires, I became frustated to find no available power. I was about to give up and run a wire directly from battery (+) post, when I discovered there was two AUX screws in the fuse box made for just this occasion when a direct (+) power is needed. So I found a nut and tapped into that.

Next, I needed to install the switch and the and the buzzer. I glued on the buzzer just like I had with the motorbike alarm.

After that had been taken care of, It was just a matter of fooling around with routing the wires through the truck and taking care of that. This is the picture of the wires ready for hookup to the circuit board.

Next I had to find a way to protect the circuit board while having easy access to all the wires. So i looked around my house and almost decided to goto RadioCrap (You've got questions, but the hell we know how to answer them) to pick up a project enclosure. I was releived when I found the answer to my problems. The grand master plan was to use a Blue Power Outlet Box. It has built in holes that can be removed to put wires in and out. It's incrediblly hard to crack and is easy to drill into to. So here is the picture of the board all wired up and ready for installation. Note that I installed wire connecter strips on the top, that all u have to do is push the wire in and screw it down.

With that complete, I had one last thing to do before I would start fine tuning the system. The actuall installation of the Enclosure onto the truck storage box was actually pretty easy overall after I had the plan all laid out and ready. All that I needed to do was drill 3 holes into the storage box to support the enclosure. I would of drilled 4 holes for optimum structural integrity, except that the 4 hole was inaccessible by too many pipes and hoses in the way coming from the engine. With 3 holes it is already strong enough. Next all I had to do was hook up the power, buzzer and sensor wires. With that done, this is how it looked.

When that was all done, it was just a matter of fine tuning the system. I had to point the license plate downward a little bit by adjusting the leveling screws a little so that the sensors would hit a shorter cars surface and not pass right over it. After that was done, it was just a matter of fine tuning the distance the circuit would activate the output (in this case the output was connected to the audible buzzer insisde of the truck cabin.) The system worked beautifully. It only failed once because of a bad connection of power. This can be solved by hardwiring the power wire a little better and providing an LED inside of the truck cab to ensure the circuit is activated.


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