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Project: Neon WindShield Washers

This was a project set forth by Maxis when he wanted to install something Neon on his car. So first was mounting the neon lights into place. Unfortunately, Maxis did not take pictures of this part during the project. All that basically took place was unscrewing the old washers and installing the neon ones and pulling the electrical wires threw.

As it turns out, they call the Blue LED's neon???? Hey whatever sells, I guess. They have a internal SMD resistor and I got a reading of 243ohms. It's most likely a 220ohm, but with the long wire running, it adds some resistance.

Next, I had to route the wires to the power sources:

I tried to get a picture of the wire I got the (+) positive power from, but the area was to dark for my camera and the flash just made it look worse. But anywho, I spliced positive power off the headlights, because the only time hes gonna be using them is when the headlights are on. Then i junction the positive power to the 2 positive wires from the neon into a 3 way junction (see above pic.)

Next, I worked on the (-) negative power side for the neons:

On Maxis' Honda, I could find no available ground chassis, so I had to do a negative post battery hack for the negative power.

About a month after this was installed, Maxis drove up to Barret Pkwy on friday night, a big car hangout in Marietta on friday nights to have some fun. Of course, wherever there are fast cars and kids, there will always be cops. Unfortunately for Maxis, this one cop saw Maxis' neon on even though he was parked in a parking space. After a brief interlude with the officer he asked me to disconnect the neon, and so I did. As the conversation concluded, he said we can have the neon installed, as long as it was switched. So I had to install a switch for the neon.

After this was installed I cut the wire from the positive power source and connected it to the switch and ran the positive 3 way from the led to the other side of the switch. So now the neon lights are legal.


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