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Categorizing Society

This was a project my friends Ralph, Audrey and I started on a bar napkin at Sidelines Bar and Grill. Yes, its very simplistic, but it does cover alot of the main categories in an accurate way. This will probably get more advanced in time. As this is only v1.0 .

Society On a Category Level


Breeder - : Home-maker. One who does not profit from activities in any way in the form of currency or favors. Main purpose in life is to raise kids and keep the household functioning. Still an essential purpose in society. By raising kids, breeders bring up the next generation of every category of the society to come.

Producer - : Provides physical needs to keep our normal way of life. Usually goods produced from a producer are connected to a server and then are given to the consumer (a “consumer” can be any category of society.)

Server - : Serve society for a personal gain of some kind. Contributes to society in some way or form.

Entertainer - : Amusement for the rest of society. Be it a comedian, sports athlete, actor, etc.

Non-Contributor - : One that does not contribute to society in any form. Physically leaches for support off of every other category in society.

Society On A Category Level
\n\n \n\n \n\n \n\n \n\n \n\n \n\n \n\n
Soccer Moms Food Production Police Dancer Scientists Homeless
Stay At Home Moms Physical Items Govt. Worker Actor Students Drug Addicts

Waiter/Waitress Musician Teachers Disabled

Transport Industry Casino Astronaut



Here is the original word document I copied right from the bar napkin: definitions.doc

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