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Defcon Pics

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How cool is that, it's even signed by him to. Never did find him though, i bought this off a vendor.

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Root Fu Competition Room

Ttye0 In Con Room

I think this is a jet from groom lake, It had a red stripe across its body.

Someone had a little fun with the fountain.

Laughing boy and I were amazed at the quality images this LED signwas able to put out. By the way, the Strech SUV was just pure coincidence that it was in the pic.

Kelly after a long drive to Defcon with her crew.

This is just sad, the Defcon CCTV was done off a windows box.

This is the Bar in Patty's room, lots of fun, trust me, not much of a selection, but fun nonetheless.

A picture of the strip.

One word.....Timball!!!!!!!

Greg looks sleepy.

Sherrod at the pool taking picture of someone else.

People on couch.

Same pic, but this one looks like greg is smoking a bong.

Other random couch pic, but this one with a person in a chair. NARLY!!!

Patty's place of temporary residence. Notice it wouldn't be that hard to find when enebreated. Coincidence?????

3 People walking in.

Ttye0 outside walking from Patty's.

Random door pic.

Mugshot 1

Mugshot 2

Mugshot 3

My Summary Of Defcon

Defcon was similiar to other hacker conventions I have been to in many ways and in many ways it is different as well. The overall attendance at Defcon was one to awww and splendor at. Over 2,500 people attended Defcon this year in Las Vegas. So there was never a shortage of people to talk to you.

As in any big groups you dont really get to know the people around you as you would in a smaller group/con.

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