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Geocaching (Its not always where, but how you get there)

This page is due to be updated soon and I will be archiving alot of the old projects into a seperate link.


In the works -
My Personal Weather Station
HomeMade Rocket Motors HomeMade Rocket Motors

Completed -
Keg Grill <New>
R/C Car Modification
Garage Door Sensor
Motorbike Alarm
Ultrasonic Eyes
Power Supply Workbench
Neon WindShield Washers
Knight Rider

Check back frequently, for new or just finished projects.
Or e-mail me with project ideas. Subject: Project Idea

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RIAA Sentiments My sentiments on the topic at hand.
Ammo Box
Cool Gif's
Tux All bow to the magnifiecient TUX.
Botanical Garden Pictures Chihuly Exhibit

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