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Phreaknic 7 Pictures

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Summary: Overall a great Convention. Lots of fun indeed.

It all started early friday morning around 8:00am. Woke up maxis around that time by dumping some water on his face. That worked. Car was pre-loaded. So we just hopped in and headed for TN. Traffic wasnt too bad after getting in line with some truckers over the CB that were traveling at a steady 85 mph. Slip streamed my way up there and only spent a quarter tank, opposed to the normal half tank. Very much thanks, Stormy, and Wildbandit for the escort.

Arrived in Nashville at around 12:10, grabbed lunch at a truck stop and headed in to downtown at around 12:30 and spent the the next 40 minutes trying to find the hotel. Supposedly they figured out of towners would understand the whole highway change ordeal. About half of us got lost i found out later in the con. Thank god for GPS. But i did miss the opening rant unfortunately. No prob, its online now.

So we got in at 1:50, and got our little boxxy looking passes, still dont understand those...oh well. Anyway, then headed upstairs with tux to check out the scene. Upstairs penthouse type con room. SWEEET. Checked out outsided and a great view of the slums. More on this later. Main presentation room was quite large and same place where the party room was, small dance floor in middle. Stayed there until JonnyX's talk about pirate radio, quite fun and educational, both at the same time, like Jx always seems to be able to do and is well known for.

At aroud the end of his presentation there was a huge flood of people downstairs, and the reunions began. Ran into psyiode and his crew including ldymerlin :). and also saw people like kelly and her crew including catherine, saw pyro and some more. Then headed to the con room downstairs and checked that out. They had a vendor there, with over priced goodies. I have one thing to say, u come to a con expecting to charge outrageuous prices for shit. Ya, were geeks, we know what stuff is really worth, bad place to overcharge, felt bad for them though, didnt sell alot of stuff the whole con. Oh well.

So after about that time checkin time began. We got our room cards, hmmm, on a sidenote I wonder how hard it would be to crack those, and i know just who to ask about that. Anyway, the room was quit nice on the 6th floor. Room 608 if i remember correctly.

Got busy setting up all the computers. 4 in all. I brought 2 desktops and a laptop and maxis brought his desktop. Had the wireless internet being rx'ed by me laptop wireless card and ran it out the wired port to the hub and setup laptop for secured ics. Worked quite nicely as soon as we had a steady signal.

After all was good, we headed up to the con room again around 5 o'clock to find Jonnyx talking about Organizing cons. Well that was quite an interesting speech. Very fun indeed. After that i vegged out in the anime room for about an hour and left once the stuff with vines and other gross stuff came on. Went outside patio to get a breath of fresh air. Quite nice for a city i must admit.

After that I went downstairs to my room again and worked on setting up my file server and linux partitions for leaching. Worked quite well. Had a dynamic linking system setup for the active sharing. The home ftp in marietta was just directing its packets when started by active links on my partition. The linux box just acted as a crossguard for directing data transmissions.

After that i headed up to the con room to see what was happening. Nothing much yet, just setting up for the party. Went to the lobby and found laughing boy walking in. I volunteered my services for this cool guy and brought up a bunch of stuff to his room. After all was moved into his room, we sat down and setup it up and got the laser going. Then we just relaxed....wink...wink, if u know what i mean.

Anyway, after I walked around a bit, got quite enebreated and put maxis in the room and told him to go to sleep, once he was asleep, I went out and partied till like 4:30 in the morning. If i had stayed out any longer and passed out in a random room, I'm sure skydog would'a walked by and owned my forehead. Upon returning to the room I found that maxis was missing and this freaked me out, given his quite enebreated state at the time i dropped him off. Luckily he was just in the restroom. I jumped in the other bed and fell asleep only to awake to a beating on the door around 11:00 am that morning.

In a quite groggy and tired state I opened the door and found a kid I met at a previous con asking me if i Had wireless connectivity. Wasn't a happy camper to say the least to having to wake up to that sorta question. Anyway, I went over and helped the kid out and then woke up maxis and ordered some pizza. Pizza arrived extradonarily quick and we scarfed down like 3/4 of it. And the alcohol left in my stomach had a bad reaction with the grease from the pizza.

Oh well, I got ready and headed up to the con presentation room and listened to a talk about "Kick Asterisk, or Where We've Come In a Year". Really cool VOIP project. The amount of phone lines they've been able to squeeze out of 100mps is quite an awesome feat indeed.

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Test Phrase
Test Phrase Horny tux.

Um, more tux pron.

Maxis had some weird fascination with this scene and continued taking pictures.

By the looks of it, it seems the skeleton is enjoying this.

Ah, my own baby tux lead on by example. Make me proud, make me proud young tux.

Random desk volunteers.

Push me faster!!!!!

In car computer MOD# 1

In car computer MOD# 2

LCD screen for the sports car.

Under hood of the sports car...nice.

This just looks unsafe driving down the road, why doesn't he include a voice recognition program so he doesn't have to look at the screen all the time.

Good size LCD screen for the explorer.

Odd lower pic of the LCD screen.

Another under hood pic of the sports car.

Close up of the sports car engine.

Our room, what else is there to say.

What the fountain looked like after *someone* first dropped in the suds.

5 minutes later is getting more bubbly.

Dazed Shadow404.

Happy laughing boy.

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