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Ladymerlin's Crew Visits

Ah yes, quite enjoyable visit it was. Went to coke museum, Town center mall. Drinking night. Random driving (not enebreated). 2600 meeting. All in all, lots of fun.

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Freaky shot #1

Ladymerlin In Cap

Staring At Something

Staring At R/C Display

Evil Baxter On Treadmill

Peguin/Human? On Sidewalk

"Give Me The Damn Ticket"

Approching Fire Engine

Walking To Coke Museum

Huge Tree Outside Museum

Random Bird

Coke Museum Mugshot

Jolly Coke Machines

Shadow Buying Tickets

Oblivious Security Guard

Asshole Coke Worker

RedCarpet Treatment?

Local NewsTruck

Cool Bottle Machine

Bottle From HuntsVille, AL

Bottle Display

Shop Glass

Olympic Artifact

Me sliding down Stairs

Coke'd Out Pig

Japeneese Game Gear

Coke Bike...Woot

Bike Mug

Baxter Took Picture?

Batman Coke/Add

Knocked Over Coke's

Cool Coke Machine

Cool Blue Color

Drinking Flavors

Machine Faulty

Liquid Pop Rocks

Happy Shadow

Random Perv Pick (Baxter)

Gear 1

Coke Bear

Gear 2

Penguin's Woot

Coke Cop Bear

Gear 3

Gear 4

Bear Mug


Gear 5

Baxter!!! X2

Gear 6

Cool Gear Stuff

Gear 7

Gear 8

Cool Coke Boxers

Cool Rotating Coke Sign

Coke Receipt

Tree Outside Coke Museum

Random Flower Pot

Help, Im Slipping

Just Kidding

Another Angle

Jonny Rockets

Another Angle

Tracks w/Fence

Tracks wo/Fence

Valet Desk

Steph Talking To Dad

Still Talking To Dad

Sexy Baxter

Talking To Parental Units

Reading Bank Statement

"Lucky You"

Checking My Stash

Yep, Still There

Taking First Shot

Ldy's Chin

Shadow Ass

Pizza Cooking

Reading Schedule

My Slack Schedule

Drunk Shadow On Scooter

Drunk Shadow Riding Scooter

Table Shot, Finished Guiness

Fixing Sweet And Sour

VGA Awards

Bored Steph At 2600 Meeting

Shadow Ma'Bell Worker

Outside Freezing Ass Off

Social Engineering Guard

Still Trying

Failed Attempt

Horse Carriage Sign

Ticket Pay Booth

Random Asshole Truck

Driving Home From Coke

Santa At Mall

Giving Peace To Baxter

Random Spy Shot

Cool Light Effect #1

Cool Light Effect #2

Cool Light Effect #3

Cool Light Effect #4

Cool Light Effect #5

Cool Light Effect #6

Cool Light Effect #7

Cool Light Effect #8

Cool Light Effect #9

Cool Light Effect #10

Wreck Across Street

Hotel Across From Meeting

Steph's Dad's Hotel

Lobby At Hotel

Pond At Hotel

Looking Down From 13th

From Elevator

Steph's Awesome Dad

Another Downward Angle

Cool Light Effect #11

Cool Light Effect #12

In Jeep Pic

Night Effect Pic

Raver Light Effect

Guiness Black/White

We Ain't Done Nothing

For the record: He volunteered!!!

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