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Random Theories

Page Of Shadow's Miscellaneous Theories: (Most Of them won't make sense, but what the hell, why not???)

1. You know those days were your mind just doesn't want to do math, spelling or other particular parts of everyday life. My theory is that the brain while asleep the previous night, was not completely able to go into REM not allowing the particular part of the mind that controls those types of logic to fully rest for the next day. In doing so, leaving those parts of logic less able to do their job.

2. If there was less minivans on the road, there would be less traffic.

3. Did you know in marietta, or East Cobb that if your car is worth more than 30,000 dollars you are not subject to follow any rules or regulations or in other words THE LAW!!! --Maxis

4. The reason it is called "French" kiss, is because the french have one of the most beautiful natural tounges (languages) in the world.

5. Naps are good, but naps with someone else are better.

6. Don't wake up Shadow too early, for you may not like the consequences.

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