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Project: ChainMail

This was a project initiated directly after Winterzone 3 at Psi U. While at the con, there were a few people that were building a vest that the have had been able to build to the extent of a rope sorta of chain mail. The gave me a starter lesson on how they make the chainmail and from that point on I was hooked. My plan is to make the chainmail into a full sleeveless vest. and then with smaller and lighter rings make left and right gloves.

Why? Well, because I truly think its cool to be able to build something thats starts out as just a piece of wire and that can be mended to make a full article of clothing. Also it makes me feel honored to be able to go back in history and build something that had once been used as armor and for safety during diffrent types of festival games.

Left Glove 3/06/04 Vest Small patch Vest Many rows

These are the three main pieces in working on now. So far to build them, i have spent 4 hours of off and on time. In that time, i have built around 15 rows, 150 links long each. So it seems to be advancing quite rapidly. I think the real hard part will be when I start actually building the suit and have to figure out how to connect the pieces correctly, and actual fitting.

Equipment still needed for this project to work:

1. Mannequin chest.
2. Mannequin Hand.

If i can get those two pieces of equipment, ill be good to go.

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