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What is a Shadow you ask? Shadows are messengers from the world of darkness, images that we cant shake off, black spots that have troubled our sleep through the ages. And yet shadows have been the key to unlocking some of our toughest scientific problems: the reason for eclipses, the distances between planets, the shape and the size of the Earth, the structure of the solar system, the nature of time itself. That is what a Shadow is.

  • Where did I get my name you ask? I got it at a LAN Party, pathetic huh? Well it was my first LAN and I needed a handle so I wouldn't be called Player1, the default name. My playing style was one of tactics. I would get the nearest sniper rifle and run from dark corner to dark corner and pop people in my crosshairs as they walked by. And some frustrated player said I was such a Shadow and then there was this inevitable quietness......I was just christened with my handle that would be stuck for life, wow. It almost brings tears to my eyes because the next day I remember buying my very first 2600 magazine from B+N....and then the nightmare began...many paraniod days after that.

    Never forget, The Shadow Knows!!!
    Shadow out!!!

    Shadow, your picture (above) is too small. Here's another one ... --Strick

    Damn, Im sexy!!!!

    Yuck, Fish Slime I hate holding fish.

    Wow, I look like Screech from Saved By the Bell

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