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Project: Encrypted Laser

More details to follow:

Heres the basic idea of my project:
Going with this idea ->>> Found this one on a yak hosted site.

CheckList of things that need doing before project is started:

("X" = completed, "0" = needs completing)

0 | 1. Check actual fesability of idea to actually work.
X | 2. Look for a high enough speed photosentive device that can open charge and discharge fast enough for data speed. :Distrubotrs found, but will use a normal photodectector for prototyping.
X | 3. Find 4 laser pens cheap. Cheap Pens Pens Have now been ordered.
X | 4. Research Fiber Obtic to obtain ideas for transmission type.
0 | 5. Obtain all parts needed.

Parts Needed:

x | 1. 100 uf Electrolytic Capacitor, Mylar
X | 2. 2 Phono Plug with wires attached, 3.5 mm Male Connectors.
x | 3. Wire Clips, Optional.
x | 4. 8 ohm audio Source (Cd Player, radio, etc, with headphone jack.)
X | 5. 10 ohm normal resistor.
0 | 6. Laser pen. (In transit from Distributor)
X | 7. Switch (for cutoff)

The First Application for this laser design will be for remote placement of stereo speakers from computer for now.

Plan to advance this project for an even cooler application, don't want to give away idea as of yet, but will explain in due time.

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