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Shadow Quotes

(Mind that most of these are when im enebreated)

1. "its always important to data back ups of what you dont have so you dont lose it later", ...(especially music)
2. "you know you play too many computer games when your left hand homes at (wasd) instead of (asdf)." (ask me personally for an explanation if u need one).
3. "its terrible, yet funny!"
4. "Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills. You know, like nunchuck skills, bowhunting skills, computer hacking skills... "
5. "You know, if I actually gave a shit, I might actually listen to what you have to say!"
6. "Just nod and act like your amused....even if you aren't" (taken from work)
7. "Ok, it aint my fault.....if they find out!"
8. "ya'know ya drink to much when you refer to jack and evan as your friends":
9. "rather you know your an acoholic for sure when you refer to them as your best friends"
10. "I ran into Ms.Jane last night, shes always a trip"
11. "Sluts, slots, what's the diffrence, they both leave themselves wide open!"
12. (Mind that we were talking about 80's era relics at the moment I said this) "What ever happened to diffrent colored toilet paper?"
13. "More busy than a wildcat at a strip bar!"
14. "knowledge is the key to everything here and in between"
15. "Hey dude, nice rack, oh yeah"
16. "With raising gas prices at least we dont have to worry about seeing posers in hummers driving by us all the time."
17. "So evil, its just has to be funny."
18. "Lynsey: Phones scare me. Me: It's just like talkng on ventrillo, just without a talk button."

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