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Random page full of misc. cool stuff.

Asshole Guy From Joe Muggs at 2600 Meeting: P1010131.MOV
Funny Shockwave Movie: STFU!!!!
Funny page from Wilpig:
Funny Clip:
Crtyto Song:


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Maxis' new truck.

Another angle.

Friends Old Muscle Car 1

Friends Old Muscle Car 2

Friends Old Muscle Car 3

Friends Old Muscle Car 4

Cool Glass Reflection Pic

Dual Monitor Pic 1

Dual Monitor Pic 2

Beautiful Sundown 1

Beautiful Sundown 2

Beautiful Sundown 3

One word: Bored!!!

Again, Very Bored

Car's Compass/Temp Display

Gas Station Jerk

Comparing Camera Contrast

Bored Shadow Waiting For Flight

Waiting for Flight 2

Steph's Door V-Day

Steph's Door V-Day

Steph's Door V-Day

Asshole Manager 1

Asshole Manager 2

Asshole Manager 3

Asshole Manager 4

Ladymerlin's Fav. Movie

Who drives 20mph on a 45mph road? Answer: THIS GUY!!!

Hehe, Had too.

Yep, another pic.

"/me makes an immature gesture."

WWII Radio I Picked Up

Still Works!!!

How cool is that?

Exactly 97'000 miles on jeep going to 2600.

Park a little close?

I would say so.

Heh, marietta drivers suck!

There you are PyroPhreak
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